Partner Profile: Massey Theatre

How does your organization support families?

The Massey Theatre Society is a catalyst for a vibrant, expressive community and a stage where any dream is possible. As a community-embedded arts facility, we provide opportunities for families to participate in and attend a variety of arts and culture events and activities. This includes shows, community events, workshops, and hands-on activities in a variety of art forms.

What locations do your programs for families operate out of?

Our events take place at the Massey Theatre and we assist the Anvil Centre through performing arts programming and operation of the Theatre.

Is there a key person in New West who our families can connect with? What is the best way for our families to contact your organization?

Families can connect with Julian Legere., 604 517 5900 ext 6127

Can you name a couple of ways that your organization works with Family Place?

The Massey hosts two of Family Place’s weekly programs year-round, and helps Family Place families access low-cost/no-cost tickets to select events and programs.