Our Programs

New West Family Place Programs

Below is a list of our current programming available for families with children 0-6 yrs in New Westminster, BC. For specific days and times, and to register for our parenting programs please visit our website calendar www.newwestfamilies.ca/events/.

Family Drop-In Playtime

Come and go as you are able with our flexible open Family Drop-ins at New Westminster Family Place Quayside and in room 1A at Eighth & Eight Creative Spaces (formerly known as the Massey Theatre Building). Meet other families with children 0-6yrs, learn from our Early Childhood Educators and guest Childhood Professionals and connect with our experienced Family Support workers. Drop Ins are a safe and inclusive place to relax, find resources and connect with others.

Baby Talk

A space for new parents and caregivers with pre-mobile babies (0-9 months) to connect with other new parents and learn tips, skills and resources from our Family Support Worker and expert guests. Each week will feature a topic, a chance for parents to ask questions and discuss their concerns and experiences, and build community.

Nobody’s Perfect (Parenting Program)

Nobody is born knowing how to be a parent. NOBODY’S PERFECT is a peer support group facilitated by our trained staff for parents of children from birth to age six; offering encouragement and support  while providing education on various aspects of child development, parenting, and child-rearing. The goal of Nobody’s Perfect is to improve participants’ capabilities to maintain and promote the health of their young children and all subject matter is chosen to cater to specific participants.  It aims to empower parents with knowledge and skills to make informed decisions. We currently offer this program in English and in Tigrinya. Find more information on this great parenting program see http://www.nobodysperfect.ca/home

Positive Discipline in Everyday Parenting

This 9-week course teaches an approach to parenting that focuses on building self-discipline, responsibility, and problem-solving skills into parenting in a non-punitive way. It emphasizes communication, understanding, and mutual respect between parents and children.

Portuguese / Spanish Parent Support Circle

These peer support groups are for parents to come together with others who share their language and share experiences, challenges, and advice related to parenting. It provides a platform for parents to connect, offer support, and learn from one another. This program is offered in collaboration with Parent Support Services Society of BC.

Circle of Security (Parenting Program)

A parenting program that leads you on a journey of self discovery; enabling you to obtain a deeper understanding of yourself and your child. At times all parents feel lost or without a clue about what our child might need from us. This parenting course is designed to help parents understand and respond to their child’s emotional needs. It focuses on building a secure attachment between parents and children by teaching caregivers how to be emotionally available and responsive. The Circle of Security Parenting™ program is based on decades of attachment-based research about how secure parent-child relationships can be supported and strengthened.

Toy Lending Library

Are you looking for new toys? Our Toy Lending Library is loved by families throughout the city! We have a big selection of (sanitized) puzzles, pretend-play, and other toys for children of all ages (0-6). Sign up for a library card and borrow through the New Westminster Public Library.