Outdoor Drop-In Program

We are excited to announce that we will now be hosting outdoor drop-ins Monday to Friday, from 10 – 11 AM, across New West!

  • Monday: Lower Hume Park (located near the picnic shelter and the public bathroom)
  • Tuesday: Moody Park (located beside the playground, behind the swing sets)
  • Wednesday: Port Royal Park
  • Thursday: Quayside Park
  • Friday: Queen’s Park (located at the clearing that is just in from 5th Ave and 1st St near the picnic shelters)

Friendly Reminders!

  • What to expect: checking in and completing contact tracing before joining the group
  • What to bring: your own snacks, water, sunscreen, and blanket. Be sure to dress for the weather!

Family Fun Feature 

Every Saturday and Sunday at 8:30 AM, we will be posting a Family Fun Feature on our socials. A Family Fun Feature will be post with a super fun activity – from a craft, to a game, to a science experiment! Created by our Early Childhood educators, they have all been made to be a source of fun, creativity, and growth for our families and their children

Relax O’Clock

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evening, we will be posting a Relax O’Clock on our Facebook.

What’s a Relax O’Clock? Well, it’s a time for our parents to chill out, relax, and talk to each other! Posts will be anything from DIY videos, to take-out recommendations, to funny memes! It’s your time, parents!

Toy Lending Library

Are you looking for new toys? Our Toy Lending Library is now open for our families! We have a big selection of (sanitized) puzzles, pretend-play, and tons of other toys for children of all ages. Sign up for our Toy Lending Library today to borrow toys! To browse, CLICK HERE

We thank you for your patience at this time, and we can’t wait to continue working with all the amazing families that make New West Family Place the wonderful community that it is. 

New West Family Place ❤️

What is New West Family Place? We offer drop in programs, workshops and parenting groups for all families to find support, strengthen their relationships with their children and their family members, enhance how they feel about their parenting, and build community connection and belonging. We are here so that families in New West can be empowered to THRIVE!

Who is New West Family Place for? Our programs are for families with children 0-6 years including grandparents, caregivers, extended and chosen family. We support and embrace families of every gender, background or socioeconomic status and we offer programs all around New West –  across the community – touching every neighborhood – and at consistent times.

Who works at New West Family Place? Our team of child development and family support experts provide services and supports in multiple languages and work with families to ensure they connected to the services and supports they need when they need them.