Positive Discipline in Everyday Parenting

9-week Free Parenting Course

We are currently offering this course in May-July 2024 – Register today!

Positive Discipline in Everyday Parenting (PDEP) was designed to help parents learn how to teach children effectively while respecting their rights. It’s an approach that can guide all interactions with children, not just the challenging ones, to promote healthy child development and strong parent-child relationships. The gentle, non-violent approach to parenting taught in this 9-week course can be used from birth onward.

Based on research in children’s healthy development, and effective parenting, and founded on child rights principles, PDEP is not permissive parenting and is not about punishment. It is about long-term solutions that develop children’s own self-discipline and lifelong skills and is designed to have you teaching non-violence, empathy, self-respect, human rights and respect for others.

Positive Discipline is for all parents, grandparents, foster parents and others who care for children of all ages. It’s also for future parents. And it’s for those who support parents, such as parent educators, parent group facilitators, and family support workers. It can be helpful for any family.

REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED Please note that registering does not guarantee you place in the program. All applicants are contacted and are required to go through a short interview process to see if they are eligible, and will be contacted if they have been selected.

For more information on this program see the PDEP website.

A not-for-profit program developed in partnership between the University of Manitoba and Save the Children Sweden, PDEP is a preventive, universal, and culturally inclusive approach to parenting/ working with children.