Partner Profile: Cameray

How does your organization support families?

Cameray has 4 major programs that provide support services for families:

  1. Counselling Program – Offers many types of free counselling programs to children, youth, and their families based on their needs. Each of these programs may include individual counselling for the child or youth, parent support, and/or family therapy.
  2. Parent Support Program – This program offers prevention and early intervention services to parents and parents-to-be to increase a family’s knowledge and skills for effective parenting to strengthen family resiliency. Individual parent support sessions and interactive / psycho-educational groups. For expecting parents and parents with child aged 0 – 5.
  3. Child and Youth Victim Support Service – Provides support to children and youth who are victims or witnesses of a crime.
  4. Assisting the Community with Transitioning Students (ACTS) – The A.C.T.S. program (Assisting the Community with Transitioning Students) supports grade 5-7 students with the successful transition from elementary school to high school through Homework Clubs in select schools.

                **All of our programs are for Burnaby and New Westminster residents.

What locations do your programs for families operate out of?

We mainly serve clients at our office at Unit #102 & 203 – 5623 Imperial Street, Burnaby

We also have community partners that allow us to run some group programming out in the community.  These locations change from month to month.  Some of our counsellors also work out of schools when working with children.

Is there a key person in New West who our families can connect with? What is the best way for our families to contact your organization?

We do not have a designated employee who works exclusively with New West partners or families.  The best way to get in touch with someone is to contact our administrative desk at 604-436-9449.  Families can self-refer to most of our programs so admin can help them get started or put them in touch with whoever they need to speak to. 

Can you name a couple of ways that your organization works with Family Place?

Currently, we help provide a facilitator for the mom and baby drop-in groups on Wednesday afternoons in New Westminster.  We also hope to partner in the future to provide free Parenting workshops at the same location.