Nobody’s Perfect

Parenting is a rewarding but also challenging journey. Nobody is born knowing how to be a parent. NOBODY’S PERFECT is a group facilitated by our trained staff for parents of children from birth to age five; offering encouragement and support along the way. The goal of Nobody’s Perfect is to improve participants’ capabilities to maintain and promote the health of their young children. 

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We would like to offer parents an opportunity to connect with each other to share the ups and downs of parenting, connect as adults, build more social connections with other parents and fill our own cups. This is an opportunity to take some time for yourself and re-energize.

This program is provided to support you in:

– Better understanding your child

– Becoming better informed about your child’s health, safety and behaviour

– Improving coping skills to deal with the everyday stress of parenting

– Developing positive parenting skills

– Meeting other parents of young children to discuss real-life parenting situations

– Finding community services and resources

REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED Please note that registering does not guarantee you place in the program. All applicants are contacted and are required to go through a short interview process to see if they are eligible, and will be contacted if they have been selected.

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