Welcoming Our Summer Interns: The Value of Internships and Learning from Non-Profits

We’re thrilled to welcome our two summer interns, Kayla and Aline, to the New Westminster Family Place team!

Kayla, a Communications student at Simon Fraser University, and Aline, a Sociology student at the University of Victoria, are dedicating eight weeks this summer as part of the Canada Summer Jobs Program to assist in administration, promotion, planning, and running our outdoor drop-ins at Westminster Pier Park and the Kids Zone at Fridays on Front Street.

The Value of Summer Internships

Summer internships offer students like Kayla and Aline invaluable opportunities to apply their academic knowledge in real-world settings. These experiences help bridge the gap between classroom learning and practical application, providing interns with a deeper understanding of their fields of study. For Kayla, the opportunity to delve into event planning aligns perfectly with her communications background. The hands-on experience she gains in organizing events, coordinating logistics, and engaging with the community will be instrumental as she prepares for a career in communications and event management.

Aline’s internship is equally significant. As a sociology student, she is passionate about understanding social structures and fostering community connections. Her role at New Westminster Family Place allows her to witness firsthand the impact of social programs on families and individuals. This experience will enrich her academic pursuits and provide her with practical insights into the importance of social support systems.

Learning from Non-Profits: The Value of Social Connection and Support

Working with non-profits like New Westminster Family Place offers interns a unique perspective on the power of social connection and support. Non-profits are often at the forefront of addressing community needs, providing essential services, and creating spaces for individuals to connect and thrive. For Kayla and Aline, being part of an organization that emphasizes community and family well-being is a profound learning experience.

Kayla’s Perspective: The Joy of Planning and People

Kayla is excited to gain more experience in event planning and loves the atmosphere of large outdoor gatherings. “I love live music and concerts and all the details of event planning.” Her enthusiasm for creating memorable experiences for others is evident in her dedication to organizing events that bring the community together. Through her internship, Kayla will learn about the intricacies of event planning, from securing permits to coordinating with vendors and volunteers. More importantly, she’ll see the joy and connection that well-planned events can bring to families and individuals, reinforcing the value of her work.

Aline’s Perspective: The Importance of Community Connections

Aline is keen to reconnect with the community she grew up in and make positive connections with families. “Seeing how you can focus so much on the individual and make such a big difference. It’s about the little connections that you make.” Her sociology studies have taught her about the importance of social networks and support systems, and her internship will provide a practical application of these concepts. Aline’s interactions with families at our drop-ins and Kids Zone will highlight how small, meaningful connections can significantly impact individuals’ lives, fostering a sense of belonging and support within the community.

Beyond the Internship: Personal Growth and Community Involvement

When they aren’t spending their time at Family Place this summer, Kayla and Aline have personal interests that further illustrate their commitment to family and community. Kayla enjoys spending time with her sisters, who she deeply admires, out enjoying concerts or quietly scrapbooking her memories. Aline, who goes to school far from her family, will be enjoying her time with them and particularly with her mom (her hero!), experimenting in baking, or out on a hike.

Their personal passions and dedication to family and community mirror the values of New Westminster Family Place, making them perfect additions to our team.

Get Ready for an Amazing Summer

With Kayla and Aline’s fresh energy and creative ideas, we’re looking forward to an amazing summer. Their contributions will not only enhance our programs but also leave a lasting impact on the community we serve. Join us in welcoming Kayla and Aline to the New Westminster Family Place team and get ready for a summer filled with fun, connection, and community spirit!