Filling Cups with Community: Celebrating Steel and Oak’s 10th Anniversary

This past Sunday, we had the pleasure of hosting the family zone at Steel and Oak’s 10th Anniversary party. It was a day to remember, as thousands gathered to celebrate with music, local craft beer, a variety of food trucks, a roving magician, and, in our special area, a space dedicated to play and community. 

With Steel and Oak’s signature themes of towers and trains, we created engaging activities that captivated children and families alike. Our LEGO building station, train set, and paper bag crafting corner—where kids could design their own buildings or homes—were all big hits. The faux lawn we were provided became a lively hub of connection, conversation, and play. 

We were thrilled to welcome 583 people to our activities. Among them were familiar faces from our regular programming and many new friends we hope to see more of in the future. Building a strong community of families in New Westminster is at the heart of what we do, and events like this reinforce our mission. Steel and Oak shares this vision, and their partnership means so much to us. 

One of the most heartwarming sights was a group of parents forming a circle on our “lawn” with their babies, spending hours in comfort and connection. It brings us immense joy to provide a space where parents feel included and at ease during such celebrations. 

Why We Joined Steel and Oak’s 10th Anniversary Celebration 

Our relationship with Steel and Oak has grown over the years. Last year, they chose us as their spring charity, donating a percentage of every drink sold in their tasting room to support Family Place programming. Their support has been invaluable, and we are proud to maintain a strong, community-focused partnership with them. 

 As neighbors on the New West Quay, Steel and Oak have shown their dedication to community support in numerous ways. We are grateful for their thoughtful and community-minded crew, who continually help us in our mission to support families. 

Opportunities for family fun at community celebrations foster positive connections, which are crucial for the healthy development of growing minds. These experiences strengthen family bonds, providing a supportive environment for children to thrive. For parents, especially those navigating big life transitions, these events offer stress relief and a sense of community, enhancing overall well-being. Ultimately, such connections contribute to a happier, healthier family dynamic. 

Highlight of the Day 

One memorable moment was when a parent who works for the BC Minister of Housing thanked us for supporting housing through our paper bag house craft. It was a touching reminder of the broader impact our activities can have and the connections we build within our community. 

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who joined us at Steel and Oak’s 10th Anniversary celebration. Your presence and participation made the day special. We look forward to more opportunities to connect, play, and grow together as a community. 

Stay tuned for more events and activities from New Westminster Family Place out in the streets. Together, we continue to build a vibrant, supportive community for all families in New Westminster.