Simone Nogueira

Vice Chair

Simone Nogueira is a Brazilian, a Life and Professional Coach, and a Marketing and Communication Professional with more than 20 years of experience. Mother of a 14-year-old-daughter and a 15-month-boy, she fell in love with New West Family Place (NWFP). She first got in touch with it as a Playroom and Family Support volunteer. It was easy to realize all the love and support given to the families during the Drop-in sessions, the Educational Programs, and Events. Simone was pregnant of her second son at the time and she profited of the wonderful services offered by NWFP to newcomers like herself: she engaged in Circle of Moms Program and received many referrals on health pathways and daycares. Facing a late pregnancy, unaware of how the Health System worked and dealing with lots of the uncertainties foreign people face in a new country, NWFP was crucial for her well being.  The next step was to be elected to the Board. Today she helps Family Place with the communications and marketing matters, based on her background expertise, aiming at raising the awareness of the amazing services and resources Family Place offers to local families.